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What's in a name?

Modified slightly from its original posting on the In Nomine mailing list to reflect critique.

You'd think that a football team that's reached the Superbowl twice in its eight-year history would be able to keep a name on its stadium. Unfortunately, the Baltimore Ravens have had to get used to double-checking the side of the stadium every time they use its name, and nobody was surprised last week when a corporate sell-off resulted in the name of the field being changed again. On the other hand, some people are surprised at the nature of the change: this time, it's from M&T Bank Stadium to Corvorum Stadium, which feels odd because "Corvorum" isn't the name of the company who owns the controlling interest. George Peskin, the president of Peskin Consulting, LLC, stated in the press conference at which he announced the new name that he simply "thought the name was euphonious", although people who know a little Latin will probably be amused that it translates to "Ravens Stadium".

None of which would be particularly remarkable if April Meckley hadn't been at Peskin's right hand. Meckley is fairly well-known around Baltimore as a lawyer who botched a major real-estate deal in the harbor district some five years back (even a CD 2 on a relevant Area Knowledge roll will pick this up); in supernatural circles, she's also known as a Soldier of Hell who's been out in the cold since the real-estate deal went bust. Her presence at the Peskin press conference, in a position with obvious connotations of influence within Peskin Consulting, implies that she's up to something, probably in an attempt to get back into favor with her boss, the Prince of the Game.

Some elementary research will reveal that Peskin Consulting, LLC, is a private detective firm, specializing in finding missing persons and people who don't want to be found; April Meckley is their chief counsel, and has been employed by the company for several months. (She replaced their previous chief counsel, Emmett Fryson, who had been with the company since George Peskin founded it eight years ago and who was killed during a mugging at the beginning of the year.) While Peskin Consulting is based in Baltimore, there are branch offices in many major United States cities, including Los Angeles, Atlanta, Louisville, and Minneapolis - and anyone who can get their hands on the contract between Peskin Consulting and the Baltimore Ravens will discover that one of the conditions of continued use of the field is that Peskin Consulting be allowed to send an agent along with the Ravens on every road trip, ostensibly to maintain relations.

Closer examination will reveal even more oddities. Peskin Consulting, LLC, has an 80% success rate in finding their targets, and George Peskin has a 99% success rate - including his previous work with other detective agencies - and the only person he has failed to find is the mugger who killed his friend Emmett Fryson. (Peskin and Fryson had known each other since undergraduate school, where they were assigned to be roommates their first year.) It is known that shortly before his death, Fryson had made noises about leaving the company, but Peskin had talked him out of it; an unfinished resignation letter was found in Fryson's desk after his death. Peskin himself has apparently changed slightly since his college days; ever since he started Peskin Consulting, his demeanor has been more brusque, and minor physical changes have led some to speculate that he has undergone some cosmetic surgery.

Over the course of a thorough investigation, the truth will come out. George Peskin is a Role for Kanjiramunye, a Djinn of the Game; Peskin Consulting, LLC, is mainly concerned with hunting down Renegades and vanished Soldiers, although they do take on conventional cases in order to keep up appearances. Emmett Fryson was not, as it happens, about to hand in his resignation - and he wasn't a Soldier, either (in fact, he had only five Forces, and no further potential) - but Peskin didn't want to take any chances and had him killed. (The killer was a mortal lowlife who was more than happy to kill a lawyer for the thousand dollars that Peskin paid him.) The trick is that April Meckley doesn't actually know any of this; she joined Peskin Consulting in order to turn it into a front for tracking down Renegades, not realizing that that's what it already was, and Kanjiramunye has chosen to keep her ignorant of both his and the company's true natures. If she finds out, she'll be embarrassed; if word gets out that she tried to co-opt an existing Game organization, she'll be further disgraced in the eyes of the Game and might soon have a hit squad after her in order to stop her perceived incompetence from spreading. (Of course, if the PCs were instrumental in exposing her, the hit squad might target them as well, as punishment or as a preventative measure to forestall future investigations...)
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